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OXFORD Acrylic Emulsion Paint is water& acrylic polymer based Product, which is well known to be the best way to decorate your walls with a Rich smooth finish. It is suitable for all normal interior and exterior masonry surface including particle board, fiber and insulation board. It also provides fungus and stain resistance. So your home stays beautiful for years to come. This is high uniquely formulated to yield more coverage and ensure a smooth finish on wall. And also fast drying which means you can complete the painting process faster.


  • Environment friendly
  • Smooth & Clean Shades
  • High performance wall finish
  • Non flaking
  • Excellent coverage
  • Available in various colors


Actioncem Cement Paint is an Innovative product in a powder form for exterior and interior wall finish. This is based on white cement, titanium Di-oxide, waterproof chemicals, and different pigments. This is more durable, fungus resistant & protects from algae growths. It has been used successfully under the most trying conditions from cyclone rain to extremes of heat & cold, always proving its strength, durability and beauty. Actioncem is a Highly Economical decorative & protective coating. Therefore It is a first choice of All. Actioncem cement paint is available in 32 Enchanting Shades.

Key Features:

  • Economical Exterior & Interior Wall finish
  • Anti fungus & anti algae.
  • Superior Protection
  • Greater coverage & less Labour cost.
  • Resistance to Weather.


Oxford Synthetic distemper is an Eco-friendly & water based coating for interior wall finish with a smooth finish. It gives an excellent smooth finish with brighter and cleaner shades makes the wall beautiful than even before. This is a preferred choice of billions of Household users known for unmatched durability at a reasonable cost price. It is available in a comprehensive shades range.


Action Wall Putty is water resistant polymeric putty for concrete / mortar walls and ceilings. This is in powder form based on white cement & selected additives to enhance the binding properties. It renders a smooth and durable surface suitable for all kinds of paints. It is applicable as filler / leveler before the paints and enhances durability. It provides waterproof surface, excellent smoothness, good adhesion, good binding properties and seals porosity for uniform deposition of finished paints.


Action Tile Fixit is a high adhesion, rapid set & polymer modified tile adhesive. It is a “Fine Setting” finish with an excellent bonding capacity used on walls and floors for both interior and exterior application for fixing the tiles. The big advantage of action tile fixit is its rapid set time. And it can be applied for applications over existing ceramics tiles and vinly tiles also. It is recommended for fixing ceramics tiles, glass mosaics, fully vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stones with the exception of moisture sensitive stones excellent adhesion properties and will reduce sound transmission, an important factor in high rise projects.


Oxford Grout Colour is White cement based grouting mixture in powder form which has been specially formulated for fill up the space between the tiles. It is available in a wide range of colour shades for joint width 3mm to 12 mm for ceramics tiles, glass mosaics, fully vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles. Its unique hydrophobic formula makes the grout water repellent, which reduces the effects of efflorescence while also ensuring grout colour consistency.

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