Admixture for Fly Ash Bricks

Oxford Paints Fast set Admixture for fly ash bricks is a compound formulated
specifically for Fly ash bricks industries to give fast results at the same time
minimalizing the breakage at an economical cost like no other

Fast setting/hardening
Reduces Breakage
Enhances Binding


At present fly ash brick industry is a highly potent and booming industry due to the eco-friendly nature and reuse of fly ash that is readily available in most parts. Usually the raw material or input consists of –


  • Fly ash + cement + stone dust/river sand
  • Fly ash+ Lime + stone dust /river sand


Fast set is competent for both the above mixtures it reacts with
cement/lime and helps in fast binding.


250-400 gram per 50 kg bag of grey cement.