Do Wonders with Colours

Brighten up your space with a brilliant finish. Read on to find tips & tricks to transform your home.

Getting Started

Clear out furniture and fixtures and make the space clutter-free. Other items, which can’t be removed, must be covered with newspapers.


Masking tape is recommended on other surfaces like electrical fixtures.


The floor should be covered with used newspaper.


Sequence of Painting





Did you know

When it comes to decorating, if you find the perfect colour scheme, then the result is truly a beauty worth marveling.
If you’re wondering how to beautify your space and want some refreshing solutions, then these tips and tricks may add the charm you need.

General Paint Tips

Be Patient

Small changes, big difference. Start with a clean slate, with no clutter. Decide on the overall room scheme, and then advance towards the next phase of design.

Coordinate Decorating Samples

Stock up on samples! Bits and pieces of tiles, wallpaper, fabric always comes in handy when it comes to coordinating your home decor.

Study Colours

Do your research! Colours and tones may vary. Mix, match and make the ultimate choice.

Tried and True Formula For Colours

Additional coats of colours tend to change the original colour base. Keep a check, always!

Trim it Out

If you want to keep it subtle, select a shade of white or off-white for moldings, doors and windows. If you want to experiment, consider the palest shades of colours to coordinate with the walls.

General Paint Advise

Colours are always more intense on the wall than they are on a tiny paint chip. When you find a chip you love, go a shade lighter to keep the colour from overwhelming your room.

Oxford Paints stores have colour matching machines. For instance, if you’ve a piece of fabric or a photo with the perfect colour, they can match it. The sample must usually be at least the size of a quarter.


The colours you see in magazines are digitally enhanced, thus there’s no guarantee that they will be in sync with the actual colours. Ease the situation by taking the printed impression to the Oxford Paints store and match them.


Remember that cool colours recede and warm colours advance. If choosing colours is stressing you out, then opt for subtle shades for the living room and the entryway. You can be experimental with darker tones for the adjoining rooms, or if you want a dramatic touch, textured wall schemes take the decor a notch above.